Welcome to Fully Silent PCs

Here you’ll find a custom silent computer configurer and many pre-configured silent computers available for sale, as well as a full list of components available. I build computers with no moving parts – no fans, no spinning disks, no pumps, and therefore no noise. The computers are cooled passively, either with the use of heatpipes and a heatsink-case, or with the use of an internal heatsink and a well ventilated case. All components are carefully selected to ensure compatibility with all of the newest computer technologies. Fanless computers have the added benefit of being dust resistant. Without artificial airflow, the dust that can coat the interior of an actively cooled computer stays outside of the case.

All orders come with a one-year warranty and free 2-day shipping in the United States. All PCs are stress tested and performance tested to ensure component compatibility and function. Please allow 2-3 weeks for procurement and build time before shipping.

Please contact me at fullysilentpcs@gmail.com with any questions or for a custom PC with components not listed on this website.

The computer takes up very little space and is easy to access.  It’s more powerful than my previous computer and is totally silent.

Viktoriya P.  (HDPlex H1.S w/ Intel i3-6100)

What I am hearing is the best my system ever has sounded… the improvement is not subtle.  The sound just is sensational.

Doug E. (HDPlex H1.S with HDPlex 200 W Linear Power Supply running Windows Server 2016 with Audiophile Optimizer software)

I use components from a variety of companies, including, among others: