Music Review #2: Lizz Wright – Grace


Lizz Wright has a classic gospel-inspired sound that bounces back and fourth between soul and vocal jazz.  The songs here alternate between slower introspection and more upbeat jazz standards.  It’s on the slower tracks that Lizz’s voice really shines.  If the slower tracks are like an intense red wine, some of the others are like wine coolers mixed with fruit juice.  Standouts include “Seems I’m Never Tired Lovin’ You”, “Southern Nights”, “Grace”, and “Wash Me Clean”.


Lizz Wright is joined by acoustic and electric guitar, piano, Hammond organ, upright bass, percussion, and choir.  Nine of the tracks are covers of a diverse collection of songs, and the final track is an original.  The album has a strong connection to the American south, not just in the lyrics, but in the mood that flows from the album.  There are some moments of real beauty here, and Lizz Wright comes off as one of the most genuine and talented singers of our time.


For fans of: Abbey Lincoln, Otis Redding, James Carr


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