Available below are pre-configured fully silent PCs.  They include all options that our customs PCs offer, but will be presented with a default configuration that I believe is optimal for the chosen computer use.  All prices include labor costs, shipping throughout the United States, and a one-year warranty.


Audiophile PCs

These computers are well balanced for regular tasks, but also include an audiophile quality internal sound card or USB card designed for use with an external USB DAC.  They may also come with a 200 W linear power supply for cleaner power delivery than is provided by standard power supplies.


Business PCs

These computers prioritize processing power and RAM, rather than media storage or graphics.  They are equipped with Windows 10 Pro for enhanced connectivity and privacy features.


Home PCs

These computers are well balanced for a variety of tasks.  Graphics performance for gaming is not prioritized, but the processor, RAM, and storage progress from good to excellent.


Media PCs

These computers prioritize storage, audio, and video, rather than gaming performance.  They feature more traditional “tower” style cases and standard PCIe expandability.


Gaming PCs

These computers are equipped with advanced modern components for a great gaming experience.  The processor, graphics, RAM, and storage are all important for running modern PC games smoothly and with rich detail.  They all come with Intel i7 processors and advanced graphics to keep up with even the most demanding of games.


Low Power PCs

These computers are designed for simple tasks that do not demand much power.  The motherboards in these PCs come with integrated processors.  They can be used for basic web browsing, media playback, and simple processing tasks.  These PCs will not out perform, but use very little electricity and are available at much lower prices than the more powerful computers available here.