HDPlex 200 W Linear Power Supply w/ 400 W ATX Adapter


200 W Linear Power Supply

Low Ripple Noise and No High Frequency Noises

400 W DC-ATX Internal Adapter


The HDPlex 200 W Linear Power Supply is a DC-DC power supply that produces a much cleaner signal than can be achieved with standard AC-DC power supplies.  They are useful for audio computers due to their low ripple noise and no high frequency noises.  Five power outputs are available to power a computer as well as other internal or external devices.  The motherboard and any other internal devices such as Solid State Drives will be powered with separate cables for electrical isolation.

A 400 W internal DC-ATX adapter will be installed in the computer to power the motherboard and processor.



Eight Linear Technology LT30451 chips for two adjustable rails to achieve extremely low noise.

Top of the Line Hi-End Audio ELNA Capacitors

High Quality 200W Silent R-Core Transformer provides clean energy

Separated Ground for Each Output Rail

EMI/RFI Circuit to Prevent AC Grid Pollution

No Humming or Buzz noise for 50Hz and Peak load, 100% Silent

High Quality Neutrik XLR Connector for All Outputs

Low ripple noise and void of high frequency noise

19V/10A XLR Output Supprt Thin ITX/NUC/Auralic Aries Mini/HDPLEX 250W DC-ATX Converter

12V/10A XLR Output Support Legacy Wavelet DAC/Qnap Nas/PicoPSU or 12V based CE device.

Two independent adjustable outputs for 3.3V/5V/7.5V/9V/12V/15V and 2AMP. Each rail uses four LT30451 chips.

Passive aluminum chassis guarantees absolute silent and stable operation

All Black Brushed Aluminum Chassis

Power ON/OFF Switch on the Back Plate

Operating Temperatures from -10 C – 70 C

Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Undervoltage Protection (UVP), Overcurrent Protection (OCP), and Short Circuit Protection

Idle Power Consumption is < 4W

Input Voltage is 110V/240V AC (MAX 260V AC)

AC Input Connector is IEC with EMI Filter

DC Outputs include 19V/12V XLR—7.4×5.0mm/5.5×2.5mm/5.5×2.1mm Connectors, and Two Adjustable XLR—5.5×2.5mm/5.5×2.1mm (For PPA/SOTM Card) Connectors.

Fanless and 100% Silent

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 6.6 × 2.8 in