HDPlex 200 W Linear Power Supply w/ 160 W ATX Adapter


200 W Linear Power Supply

Low Ripple Noise and No High Frequency Noises

160 W DC-ATX Internal Adapter

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The HDPlex 200 W Linear Power Supply is a DC-DC power supply that produces a much cleaner signal than can be achieved with standard AC-DC power supplies.  They are useful for audio computers due to their low ripple noise and no high frequency noises.  Five power outputs are available to power a computer as well as other internal or external devices.  The motherboard and any other internal devices such as Solid State Drives will be powered with separate cables for electrical isolation.

A 160 W internal DC-ATX adapter will be installed in the computer to power the motherboard and processor.



200 VA R-Core Hi-End Transformer

Supports 110 V/240 V 60/50 Hz Input

Separated Ground for Each Output

EMI/RFI Filter to Prevent AC Grid Pollution

No HUM Noise for 50 Hz Peak Load

Supports 200 W Max

ELNA Audio Grade Capacitor

Independent 19 V/12 V/9 V/5 V Rails

USB 3.1 Type C 5 V Output

User Adjustable 5 V – 19.5 V for 9 V Output

Over Current Protection on All Outputs

Over Voltage Protection on All Outputs

External Voltage Adjust Knob

Heavy Duty Aluminum Chassis

Fanless and 100% Silent

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Dimensions 170.2 x 170.2 in


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