HDPlex 400 W Linear Power Supply


400 W Linear Power Supply

Low Ripple Noise and No High Frequency Noises


The HDPlex 400 W Linear Power Supply is a DC-DC power supply that produces a much cleaner signal than can be achieved with a standard AC-DC power supply.  They are useful for audio computers due to their low ripple noise and no high frequency noises.  Six power outputs are available to power a computer as well as other internal or external devices.  The motherboard and any other internal devices such as Solid State Drives will be powered with separate cables for electrical isolation.




400 VA R-Core Hi-End Transformer

Modular ATX Output

Supports 110 V/240 V 60/50 Hz Input

EMI/RFI Filter to Prevent AC Grid Pollution

No HUM Noise for 50 Hz Peak Load

Supports 400 W Max

ELNA Audio Grade Capacitor

Independent 19 V/12 V/9 V/5 V Rails

USB 3.1 Type C 5 V Output

User Adjustable 5 V – 19.5 V for 9 V Output

Over Current Protection on All Outputs

Over Voltage Protection on All Outputs

External Voltage Adjust Knob

Heavy Duty Aluminum Chassis

Fanless and 100% Silent

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 × 9.3 × 3.4 in