JCAT NET Card FEMTO Audiophile Ethernet Card


Hi-end audio Ethernet connection

External or internal power input

Two gigabit LAN ports

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This is an Ethernet card designed to transfer high quality audio content to and/or from a PC.  It includes an external or internal power input and two gigabit LAN ports.  It is the ultimate network interface designed specifically for transferring high-quality audio over LAN and puts an end to imperfections of streaming. Everything sounds better.


• Audiophile PCI Express GbE LAN adapter
• Ultra-low noise linear regulators and filters eliminate noise interferences from PC
• No switching power supplies anywhere
• FEMTO Clock Technology (Crystek CCHD-957) lowers jitter below measurable levels
• Industrial grade components with operating temperature range from -40* to +85*C
• Enterprise level Intel i350 Ethernet controller
• Gold plated high durability EMI shielded RJ-45 connectors
• Two LAN ports supporting up to 1Gbit connection speeds
• LED-off feature to counteract noise
• Requirements for optional PSU: 5V/1.5A min
• PSU can be supplied from computer PSU via LP4 connector or from an external PSU via 2.1/5.5mm center positive DC jack connector
• Low-profile & full-height laser cut PCIe brackets included
• All x1-x16 lane PCI Express 2.0 slots supported
• Supported operating systems: Windows (all editions) and Linux


1st ever audiophile network interface

With streaming services becoming the primary way of listening to music and with the shift from standalone computer audio setups to network renderers, the quality of network-related components becomes crucial if one wants to enjoy high resolution music at the highest sound quality.


Ethernet adapter for high-end network audio

Setting up a media server on a PC or using a computer as a network audio renderer (endpoint) is easy nowadays. But the problem with computers is that they were never designed with audio in mind. While there are improvements for USB-based playback available (such as our JCAT USB Card FEMTO or JCAT USB Isolator), the network controller part of a PC remains noisy.  JCAT delivers the solution with the NET Card FEMTO – the ultimate network interface designed specifically for transferring high-quality audio over LAN.


The most accurate components

By using ultra-low noise linear power supplies and FEMTO Clock Technology combined with high-end Ethernet controller from Intel, the JCAT NET Card FEMTO ensures maximum network transmission quality. Connect a network audio player, a media server (NAS) or a broadband router to any of the two 1Gbit LAN ports on the JCAT NET Card FEMTO and experience great sound quality improvement when streaming audio data.


Exceptional audio quality

The sound image becomes crystal-clear: transparent, quiet, smooth and yet full of fine details you have never heard before. It will allow you to experience music at much deeper level. You can use the JCAT NET Card FEMTO to improve sound quality of any network audio player (renderer/endpoint/streamer) when streaming audio data from NAS (media server), from music services such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify etc. or directly from PC music server. JCAT NET Card FEMTO will also enhance playback when installed in an Audio PC – a computer that acts as a USB Audio transport and connects to a USB DAC – as long as audio data is sent over network from other PC/NAS/media server or from Streaming services.


Best upgrade for JPLAY dual PC mode

For JPLAY users looking to elevate performance of their dual PC setups, installing JCAT NET Card FEMTO in both Control PC & Audio PC is most likely the biggest sound quality improvement currently possible. Connect both PCs (JCAT NET Cards FEMTO) directly with a high quality LAN cable such as JCAT’s LAN or Reference LAN Cables and enjoy vast sound quality improvement. JCAT NET Card FEMTO not only improves sound quality, but also provides increased stability particularly desired with most extreme 700Hz/0.01s DAC Link/PC Buffer setting in JPLAY.


External PSU option

Even though there are ultra-low linear power supplies exclusively on the JCAT NET Card FEMTO, for best performance it is recommended to connect external linear 5V PSU (such as our 200W or 400W linear PSUs) as the source of power instead of using computer PSU.


I am left with the catch phrase of a well known English paint company Ronseal “it does exactly what it says on the tin” with the only difference being the Net Card Femto does a bit more also. Its an outstanding product that improved the sound quality of my reference system to a new a level and most importantly made improvements to the sound quality no other component, tweak, cable etc has so far. Whats even more important is where the Net Card is in the audio chain, its right at the start. It doesn’t matter what quality of products you have further along the chain it can never sound any better than how it starts, and if it doesn’t start as good as possible it can never be reproduced by the speaker in the same fashion, it will always be a hindered version of what it can be. I have long championed the importance of the source in an audio system for this reason and Net Card Femto has done nothing but reinforce this belief.

The Net Card has also brought to my attention the importance the network plays in the overall sound quality of an audio system, this is an area I had paid no attention to before this time, I simply did not know just how important it is. I mean important overall, not just important to streamed or network music but also to dedicated stand alone players that connect to the network to be controlled in a third party way. Just digest that thought for a second, then consider how many new HiFi and AV products are designed connect to a home network then the reality of situation and importance of the Net Card Femto stands out even more clearly. Its a product that can improve the sound quality of audio systems for nearly everyone and its integration options make it reasonably flexible and easy to integrate. Its not expensive either at €435 inc world wide free shipping although the cost of a quality Linear power supply or similar might need to be factored in.

JCAT as company often find their inspiration from areas others overlook as in the situation of the Net Card Femto, its the first of its kind and quite frankly does the market need another I am not sure. I am sure the market and ultimately the majority of audiophiles will be better off with the Net Card Femto in their networks, its a truly stand out product. I am extremely grateful to JCAT for making it and bringing us one step closer to real music and one step further away from the sound of digital.


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