Streacom BC1 Mini


9.1×7.5×3.1 Inches (LxWxH)

Supports Mini ITX Motherboards and 65 W Processors

Up to Two Solid State Drives

One PCIe Card Supported

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The Streacom BC1 Mini is a test bench that can be used as an open-air pc case that supports fanless CPU coolers.  The BC1 Mini measures 9.1×7.5×3.1 inches (LxWxH).  The computer components will be installed on top of the BC1 Mini, so the completed height will be more than 3.1 inches.  It is compatible with Mini ITX motherboards.  There are 2 standard size PCIe standoffs for expansion cards.  A power on/off button will be added.  It is compatible with external power supplies.



The BC1 Mini has been designed from day one with one key question in mind – how we can design a fully functional benchtable that is also 100% portable. Weighing just 805 gr, featuring an integrated carry handle the design leaves no moving (rattling) parts when in transit. This is true portability – uniquely designed, ingeniously implemented.


Toolless design

Requiring no tools to assemble a full rig, the BC1 Mini offers a full compliment of M3 and 6#32 thumbscrew, all of which are seamlessly integrated within the main housing.


Integrated legs

One key aspect of the BC1 Mini’s ultra-portable design is the integration of the benchtable’s legs or stands within the main body of the product. This design offers the ability to house screws and standoffs and is utterly unique to the BC1 project.



Four brackets are provided that can be installed on the edges of the main body. Small size with maximum flexibility to add and secure cooling fans to your rig. The design supports AiO water cooling systems as well as standard 60mm, 80mm, 120mm, 140mm and 170 mm cooling support.


Motherboard standoffs

Supporting Mini-ITX motherboards, the BC1 Mini integrates a full compliment of four standoffs which work with standard thumbscrews, but also an additional four pushpin standoffs for fast or temporary board installation. All standoffs are discreetly stowed within the main body of the benchtable.


PCIe standoffs

Ensuring support for expansion cards up to three slots, the BC1 Mini includes two full length PCIe standoffs that are ingeniously tucked in the main body of the benchtable. Simply install the number of stands required, leaving the remainder safely housed within.


Power supply mounting

SFX/SFX-L power supply unit can be mounted to the BC1 and held in place with four 6#32 thumbscrews. The PSU is mounted beneath the main deck with a choice of two orientations depending on your preferred fan direction.


SSD/HDD mounting

Up to two drives can be discreetly mounted on the underside of the main deck with support for 2.5” SSDs and HDDs. The drives are mounted using thumbscrews already integrated within the design.


Rubber feet

To ensure problem-free bench sessions under any live conditions, the BC1 Mini is fitted with our new generation rubber feet. No slipping. No sliding. Just a solid benchtable experience.


Kensington lock

Enhanced security on display and trade show, the Kensington security lock build-in the BC1 Mini ensure a worry-free experience.



Standoffs, thumbscrews and brackets can be configured in a variety of different ways that make the BC1 Mini the most versatile benchtable for Small Form Factor systems. As well as standard mounting of fans and AiO liquid coolers, the benchtable is aimed to be hacked. Be creative.


A BC1 Open Benchtable unit is likely capable of outliving the ATX form-factor itself. We don’t have the luxury of testing exactly how much of a load it can bear, but suffice to say it can support standard geek body weight without a sweat. Tolerances, by the way, are perfect thanks to the milling process. It is constructed to last a lifetime…

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Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 9.1 × 7.5 × 3.1 in


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