Turemetal UP10
Workstation PC

17.3 x 13.2 x 6.5 inches


The Turemetal UP10 is one of the best performing fanless heatsink-cases currently on the market, able to cool a wide variety of processors and graphics cards.  The case measures 17.3 x 13.2 x 6.5 inches.  The UP10 case is a heatsink that directs heat from the internal parts to the outside of the case through either 8 heatpipes.  It is compatible with all motherboard sizes and processors with TDPs of up to 95 W, or 180 W with AMD’s Epyc and Threadripper series.  There is space for up to 4 2.5″ storage drives.  It is compatible with graphics cards with TDPs of up to 160 W and up to 4 low profile PCIe expansion cards.  The case has a USB 3.1 Type C port and a power on/off button on the front.  It is compatible with internal SFX or ATX power supplies.

Additional information

Weight 26.5 lbs
Dimensions 17.3 × 13.2 × 6.5 in